Investment Visa for Non-EU Foreigners

Non-EU foreigners who propose to enter Spanish territory with the purpose of investing significant capital may apply for a stay visa or in its case residency for investors.

Investment of significant capital in case of Real Estate will be:

The purchase of Real Estate in Spain with an investment of 500,000 € or more per applicant. This could be

one or several properties that reach that figure free of charges.

How to prove the investment.

The following requirements will be complied with for the granting of the residence visa:

In the case of Real Estate Investment the applicant must prove by certificate from the Property Registry showing the acquisition of the property.  The certificate will incorporate an electronic code for it to be verified online.

If when applying for a visa the property is pending inscription it will be sufficient that the certificate shows the current entry of the acquisition document with proof of payment of acquisition taxes.

The applicant must prove the investment in real estate of 500,000 € free of charges and encumbrances  and any excess of that the applicant may be charged.

Investment of significant capital and other cases will be any that comply with the following;

a) An investment of 2 or more million Euros in Public Spanish Bonds or 1 or more million Euros in shares of Spanish companies or bank deposits.

b) A business project in Spain considered of public interest for which compliance with at least one of the following conditions will be valued.

1. Job creation

2. An investment of economic and social impact in the geographical area where it is to be developed.

3. Contribution of relevant and or scientific innovation.

3. A foreign applicant will be equally considered if it is done through a legal entity with a domicile not

considered as a fiscal paradise according to Spanish legislation and of which the applicant directly or indirectly has the majority of the voting rights and has the capacity to dismiss the majority of the board of director’s members.

How to prove the investment.

For the residence visa

In case of the above point, a) the applicant must prove he has made the investment required in a period of no more than 60 days as from the application in the following way:

1. In case of investment in shares which are not publicly quoted you have to present the declaration of the investment at the Registry of Foreign Investments in the Ministry of Economy and Competitiven

2. In case of investment in shares which are publicly quoted you have to present a certificate from the broker duly registered with the Stock Market National Commission or the Bank of Spain in which it is


Acquiring the right of permanent residence

As an EU national (or a national of Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway), you automatically acquire the right of permanent residence in another EU country if you have lived there legally for a continuous period of 5 years.  If you fulfil this requirement, you can apply for a permanent residence document, which confirms your right to live in the country where you now live permanently, without any conditions.

The permanent residence document is not compulsory.

However,  it can be useful when dealing with the authorities or for administrative formalities. The authorities may no longer require you to prove that you have a job, sufficient resources, health insurance, and so on.

Applying for a permanent residence document

To get a document certifying your right of permanent residence, you must submit proof that you have been living legally in the country for 5 years.

You need to send different supporting documents with your application, depending on your situation (employed, self-employed, jobseeker, pensioner, student). This could include:

  • A valid registration certificate issued when you arrived in the host countryvidence that you’ve been living in the country, such as utility bills and rental contracts
  • Evidence such as pay slips, bank statements, tax returns that you’ve been working, studying, self-employed, self-sufficient or looking for work

The document is automatically renewable without any condition or requirement. However, its validity may differ depending on the issuing country.

Qualifying for permanent residence before 5 years

You can lose your right to permanent residence if you live outside the country for more than 2 consecutive years.

Permanent residence for your EU family members

The same rights apply to your EU family members. They are also entitled to a permanent residence document in the country where they have resided with you legally for a continuous period of 5 years.

NON-EU citizens residency

Each case will have to be REVIEWED AND counseled

NON-EU residency and visas

At JF&B we understand that efficient advice is necessary in view of the multiple legal needs that may arise in your residency status in Spain.

Our team of professionals have a high qualification and more than 30 years of experience in residency applications.

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For EU citizen application if staying over 90 days, you will have to request the registration personally.

To do this you require:

Forms and excise will have to be complimented.

  1. a) Medical insurance (we can assist you with this)
  2. b) Proof of sufficient income to live in Spain during the period of stay (a bank certificate showing more than 8,000 €).
  3. c) Certificate of Registration in the Town Hall where you have the property.

Once registered we may apply for the spouse for which you will need:

Forms and excise will have to be complimented. (Will have to be done in Malaga)

  1. a) Medical insurance. (we can assist you with this)
  2. b) Proof of sufficient income to live in Spain during the period of stay (a bank certificate showing more than 8,000 €).
  3. c) Three passport photographs.
  4. d) Marriage certificate duly translated and with the Apostille Stamp (poner link see legalization of documents).

e) Certificate of Registration in the Town Hall.